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Ending the KA2 Project

Tolerance in Sport Erasmus+ KA2 project has been successfully concluded with flying colours. Throughout the past week staff members representing our school have participated in the mobility organized by Ozel Gündogdu Koleji in Konya, Turkey.
Thanks to all project partners for a great project, inspite of all the pandemic restrictions, all together we made it possible 👏

Erasmus+ Poland

An evening flight awaited 4 students (Year 8 Yellow) to travel to Krakow, Poland as a continuation of our KA2 project Tolerance in Sport. Nathan Borg, Neil Incorvaja, Oliver Farrin Thorne & Jeremy Mark Gatt were accompanied by Mr Martin Ebejer & Ms. Rosalie Borg for this project mobility.

The 4 students participating on this student exchange have visited the Parkow Hill amd Krynica Górska as part of the program prepared by the Polish school as project partner.

On another day, Tolerance in Sport Erasmus+ project in Poland followed a cultural aspect, as the students visited the Salt Mines in Bochnia, Poland which are located 100 metres underground. Our students as well as other students from Turkey, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Lithuania followed several activities as part of this project.

Jeremy Mark Gatt, Nathan Borg, Oliver Farrin Thorne and Neil Incorvaja have fully participated in the Go Jump activity, representing our school and Malta.

Finally, our students as well as their accompanying teachers have been certified in Tolerance in Sport, to conclude the Erasmus+ mobillity week in Poland.

Thanks to our Polish project partners, it was a fruitful week indeed!

Erasmus+ Kelme Lithuania

Once again our school participated in an Erasmus + exchange.  This happened between the 25th -29th April in Kelme, Lithuania.  The school we visited this time for the student’s exchange was “Krazante” Progymanasium. 

During this week the students had the opportunity to communicate, work in groups and take part in sport competitions and activities with other students from different countries.  The participating countries were Lithuania the hosting country, Portugal and Poland.  Italy and Turkey who are also partners in this project were connected with us virtually since they could not make it this time.

The students really enjoyed this experience as could be seen from their cheerful faces.  They were completely immersed into the activities which were prepared for them.  They took part in Lithuanian national folk dances.  They played with other teams in a sports rally and also played bowling.

During this exchange we had to opportunity to go for long walks in the unspoilt nature which Kelme offers.  These hikes were in endless greenery surrounded by lakes, rivers and clear blue skies.  The weather was fairly chilly but the clean fresh air was gladly welcomed by us.

When it came to discussions our students participated with a mature approach since they were the eldest in the group.  We also managed to visit some nearby towns like Kaunas where we visited the famous Zalgiris basketball arena.  There they could walk through their changing rooms and training courts.

In the end it was an unforgettable experience which the students will surely cherish and keep at heart.

Tolerance in Sports in Portugal (Pegoes School)

Tolerance in Sports continues, as 5 other students: Yana Marie Cachia, Amy Vella, Sarah Marie Attard, Dean Craig Pickard and Luca Kyl Agius, accompanied by 3 of our teachers, started their trip to Portugal as they attended Pegoes School.  Full program awaited them as they met other participating students from Portugal, Lithuania, Turkey, Poland and Italy.  Students were accompanied by Ms. Abigail Barbara, Ms. Josette Micallef and Mr. Brian Sultana. 

Monday 21st March, 2022 marked the first day of Erasmus+ student exchange in Pegoes School in Portugal.  During their first session, our students presented themselves infront of the 5 other delegations. 

On Tuesday 22nd March, the students visited the Estadio do Sport Lisoba e Benfica-Jose Alvalade, where they had the opportunity to live the great moments of this important Portuguese football team and learned more about the theme of this project.

On the 3rd Day, the students have completed their session using Padlet divided into 6 groups representing the 6 different countries participating in this project.  They also attended a talk about Ethics in Sport by a Portuguese youth specialist.

On the 4th Day, the students had the opportunity to travel back in time around the magical city of Sintra.  Our 5 students joined a tour activity around this city, along with other student athletes forming part of this project.

Erasmus+ – Visit to San Severo

Four of our year 9 students visited to San Severo, Italy (province of Foggia) as part of KA2 Erasmus+ project ‘Tolerance in Sports’ : Kyle Galea, Nicholas Zammit, Luca Gerada and Antonio Overend. Throughout that week they worked hands on with other students’ athletes attending Scuola Secondaria Petrarca Padre Pio. Accompanied by Mr Martin Ebejer and Mr. Darren Bezzina.

KA2 Erasmus+ Mobility Project

Monday 25th October was a great event at National Sports School were Portuguese and Italian coaches/teachers together with students and athletes came physically to school where they had an overview of the school and how it operates. The meetings and tours were also transmitted live on teams (due to pandemic reasons) with other countries being Turkey, Poland and Lithuania. This was the first day of a well packed and interesting programme prepared for the welcoming hosts.

The Erasmus + Mobility in Malta following the project: Tolerance in Sports continued on Tuesday 26th October. Delegations from Italy and Portugal toured Mdina as part of the cultural side of this project.

On Day 3, Dr Adele Muscat along with Mr Thomas Borg and Mr. Julian Bajada with Tolerance in Paralympics Malta delivered a talk. Then, it was time for NSS student Michela Portelli to share her experience being an athlete after starting an experience in Hungary, then followed by the professional Maltese national footballer Mr. Joseph Mbong. Concluding with Mr. Cedric Sciberras, our in-school physiotherapist, who spoke about the importance of strength and conditioning in Sports. On the day, students had the opportunity to also share a part of the training sessions with our students. Also, the Turkish students from Gondogdu College as part of the Erasmus+ project, in relation with Tolerance in Sport have joined online for the sessions and discussions held during the mobility of this project held in Malta.

The following day, the Portugese and Italian delegation had a meeting with NSS Head of School and signed of our visitors’ signature book. Our students together with the foreign students participating in this project, engaged in a tour at the Malta National Aquarium in Qawra.

Day 5 of Tolerance in Sports Mobility held in our school. The day started off with a talk delivered by Mr. Darren Bezzina one of our PE Teachers about Women’s Revolution in Sport, in relation with motivation and tolerance in sport amongst different genders and multiculturalism in Malta and around the World. This was followed by a hands-on activity with all foreign and Maltese students participating in this project, Creativity in Tolerance in Sport with the use of Music held by Ms. Abigail Barbara. Students also presented their work in relation with this theme as a conclusion of this Erasmus+ mobility week.

The Erasmus+ Mobility project came to an end on Friday 30th with a farewell presentation to our project partners who could join physically for this mobility. We would like to thank all our project partners for this experience and also those project partners who joined virtually due to current travel restrictions. The final presentation started with a night tour in Vittoriosa City and was followed by the certificate presentation for the educators as well as the participating students.

We all look forward for the next mobility of this project.

KA2 Project – Tolerance in Sport On line Activity

On Wednesday 28th April our Erasmus group of students along with their teachers organized a virtual on line activity with regards to Tolerance In Sport. Participating countries were also invited for this zoom session. In this event we invited Sarah Chouhal a ex student athlete, a currant national athlete. The students interview this guest with to this theme. Foreign participants also had the opportunity to ask her some questions. This project is part of the Erasmus project KA2.

KA2 Erasmus Project

A few NSS students participating in KA2 Erasmus project, which was meant to start in Turkey and in Lithuania during the month of March and April, are managing to keep up with the objective of this project title ‘Tolerance in Sport’ through online chatting on the eTwinning online platform for students. The topic discussed via chatting for this week was ‘Racism in Sport’.