MQF2 Ceremony

The (MQF 2) Foundations in Sports Specific course is delivered during the first two years of Secondary education (Year 7 & Year 8). It comprises three modules which each student-athlete has to cover. Module 1 encompasses Fundamental Skills in athletics, gymnastics and swimming. All students, irrespective of their main sports discipline, must master the basic skills of these three core disciplines. These reinforce coordination, balance, agility, speed, strength and flexibility. Module 2 comprises Sports Specific training in one of the disciplines offered at the school. Each student-athlete focuses on mastering the knowledge, skills, and competencies of his/her sports discipline. In Module 3, the student-athletes’ development is enriched through talks and workshops delivered by professional speakers in the field of sport physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, communication and the media.

In order to be awarded a certificate, each student-athlete is expected to undergo 3 assessments of their main sport each year for two years. Students are graded using performance level descriptors.  At the end of the 2-year programme student-athletes will be assigned a practical grade and sit for a written assessment. The written exam consists of a paper that assesses the content of module 1: fundamentals (gymnastics, athletics and swimming) and also the content of the module 3 sessions. After the 2-year course is completed and assessments finalised,  the students are awarded the (MQF 2) Foundations in Sports Specific certificate during a ceremony held for the purpose. 

Scholastic Year 2022 – 2023