MQF2 Ceremony

The (MQF 2) Foundations in Sports Specific course is delivered during the first two years of Secondary education (Year 7 & Year 8). It comprises three modules where each student-athlete will have to follow. Module 1 encompasses Fundamental Skills in athletics, gymnastics and swimming. The basic skills of these 3 core sports disciplines are being taught and developed with all students irrespective of their main sports discipline. These reinforce coordination, balance, agility, speed, strength and flexibility. Module 2 comprises Sports Specific training in one of the disciplines offered at the school. Each student-athlete will train and develop the sporting ability in his/her sports discipline focussing on knowledge skills, and competencies. In Module 3, student-athletes’ development is enriched through talks and workshops delivered by professional speakers in the field of sport physiology, sports psychology, nutrition, communication and media.

In order to be rewarded a certificate, each student-athlete is expected to undergo 3 assessments of the main sport every scholastic year. Students are graded using performance level descriptors.  At the end of the 2-year programme student-athletes will be assigned a practical grade and will sit also for a written assessment. The written exam will consist of a paper that will assess the content of module 1: fundamentals (gymnastics, athletics and swimming) and also the content of module 3 sessions. After the two year course is completed and assessments finalised,  the students are awarded the (MQF 2)Foundations in Sports Specific certificate during theceremony. 

May 2019