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KA2 Project – Tolerance in Sport On line Activity

On Wednesday 28th April our Erasmus group of students along with their teachers organized a virtual on line activity with regards to Tolerance In Sport. Participating countries were also invited for this zoom session. In this event we invited Sarah Chouhal a ex student athlete, a currant national athlete. The students interview this guest with to this theme. Foreign participants also had the opportunity to ask her some questions. This project is part of the Erasmus project KA2.

KA2 Erasmus Project

A few NSS students participating in KA2 Erasmus project, which was meant to start in Turkey and in Lithuania during the month of March and April, are managing to keep up with the objective of this project title ‘Tolerance in Sport’ through online chatting on the eTwinning online platform for students. The topic discussed via chatting for this week was ‘Racism in Sport’.