Message from the Head of School

Welcome to our School

The aim and mission of The National Sport School is to help students excel in sports and achieve academic excellence. It is our priority to ensure that our students are taught holistically and that their full potential is reached. We strive to provide the very best. For this reason, all opportunities which help students grow in both sports and academics, locally, as well as overseas, are exploited fully and positively. These occasions bring out the best in our students, making them more assertive and competitive, while not forgetting the soul of true sportsmanship: a sense of fair play. It is also our goal to teach students to be grateful. They should appreciate the great efforts made by their parents, teachers, carers and the educational system as a whole. They must come to acknowledge that their success is built on the sacrifice and effort of many who remain in the background. We believe that the virtues of gratitude, moral strength, justice and a willingness to give one’s utmost are essential to the development of a fully-rounded individual.

The National Sport School has a fundamental role in developing determined and successful student-athletes who will one day represent our country in prestigious sporting events and serve Maltese society as professionals working in different fields.

Robert Magro
Head  of School