Celebration Day 2014

Once upon a time

photo (154)‘Once upon a time’ was the title of the annual production organised by the National Sport School on the occasion of Celebration Day 2014. The event was held on Friday 30th May at St. Clare College, Pembroke Primary School.

‘Once upon a time’ took us on a magical journey around the world of Disney. Walt Disney built an empire for us all; adults, children, families, everyone has experienced this wonderful world of princesses, pirates, wild animals and magical creatures. Walt Disney himself narrated excerpts from his works revealed the message hidden behind each story. Four major themes were chosen for this production: the importance of family, the importance of gender equality, the importance of inclusion and the importance of living in synergy with the environment.  Students danced and sang to the award winning soundtracks of Walt Disney’s films written by world famous composers. All this was accompanied by visuals projected onto the stage and costumes related to the theme.

It was a team effort, with everyone helping out and co-operating with each other. Script was written by Ms. Anna Maria Gatt who also choreographed the dances. Mr. Genz Dapi was stage manager and co-ordinated rehearsals. Ms. Romina Mamo taught the songs to our singers and helped out during recordings carried out by Mr. Kevin Zerafa. Ms. Nadine Zammit together with Ms. Carrie Spiteri were responsible for all the costumes. There were also a number of parents who helped out with costumes and make-up on the day.

Special thanks to Mr. Micallef and Ms. Zammit for their constant support and also to all members of staff who co-operated with us when planning rehearsals at school and on stage. A heartfelt thanks goes to all the students whose enthusiasm made us go on and set-up a production that we all enjoyed! Looking forward to the next one!


Other Pictures of the event