Celebration Day 2017

Tini Nota

Ever since the establishment of the National Sport School we all looked forward to the day when we would be able to produce an in-houseCelebration Day. It was therefore this motivating sense of pride which launched the evening skilfully compered by Mr Sciberras and students Michela Zammit and Jethro Zammit Randich.

The highlight of the evening was Tini Nota, a musical journey of dance, drama and singing through the decades which delighted many a parent!

The Hon. Minister of Education, Mr Evarist Bartolo, spoke about the achievement of high standards, the pitfalls of pampering and the risks of burnouts. He was followed by Mr Paul Stoner, the President of the School Council who spoke about the school’s objectives and standards. The Head of School Mr George Micallef gave an extensive overview of the school’s successes and its ambitious and pragmatic vision through the School Development Plan. He also spoke about the staff’s relentless dedication and the parents’ being key stakeholders. Alessia Cristina, the President of the Students’ Council ended the evening.

Other pictures of the event