Graduation Day and MQF 3 Ceremony

The National Sport School celebrated the Year 11s Graduation Class 2021. Throughout the evening, all the restriction measures issued by the Health Authorities were followed, with students in the turf area and parents in different classes entering and exiting from separate locations.  

During this event, the students followed videos where past students like Rachela Pace, Jake Muscat, Haley Bugeja and Marija Farrugia gave useful tips and advice on time management, humility and perseverance and described their typical day as student-athletes abroad. Videos with messages from coaches and educators wished students the best of luck whilst another video ‘Down Memory Lane’ described through photos, the Year 11 students’ journey throughout their 5 years at NSS. Past sport award winners were remembered and HOS Mr. R. Magro wished our Sasha Gatt all the best for her participation in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Year 11 students were awarded their MQF 3 certificate and Prize winners were then awarded book tokens.   Despite the pandemic, we made it again. Yes, our Year 11s were given a well-deserved farewell.