The main aim of Ekoskola is to empower students to adopt an active role in environmental decision-making and public speaking in the school and in the community.

Ekoskola Student Members

2021 – 2022

Year 11 Ekoskola Students – Rylee Borg, Benjamin Cassar, Rory Zammit, Kean Scicluna, Lorenzo Attard, Kai Azzopardi.

Year 10 Ekoskola Students – Jayden Cutajar, Luigi Dimech, Julian Scerri, Mikiel Gatt, Shannen Mallia, Andrea Incorvaja, Shaun Xiberras.

Year 9 Ekoskola Students – Sam Engerer, Kai Fabri, Nicholas Zammit, Martina Clark, Elisa Ceccato, Jayden Cardin Vassallo, Axel Abela Dingli, Shanice Farrugia, Evie Roadley-Battin

Year 8 Ekoskola Students – Elai Borg, Kyle Azzopardi, Lyana Curmi Inguanez. Yulya Anne Bonnici, Amy Vella, Dakota Micallef Gauci, Martina Saliba, Federica Vella Bencini.

Year 7 Ekoskola Students – Miguel Camilleri, Cole Zerafa, Denzil Micallef, Eve Axisa, Gail Gerada, Ayrem Aquilina, Dale Degiorgio, Jan Valastro, Jade Barbara, Mattea Saliba, Kirsty Sammut, Samira Deguara, Liam Daly.

Crib Making

December 2021

Members of Ekoskola at the National Sports School, led by their President Rylee Borg, organised a recycling project. Using old cardboard boxes and paper sacks – items that would normally be thrown away – they made a beautiful crib for each class. Many students took part in this repurposing project. A big well done to all the participants!

Olive Harvest

November 2021

These last few years, the members of Ekoskola and their president Rylee Borg, have regularly planted trees around the school, among which were a number of olive trees. These trees recently produced a good crop of olives. The Ekoskola members gathered the crop and set about preserving it in the time-honoured tradition of brining. When the olives are completely pickled, in about six weeks, they will be used by the tuck shop in the preparation of school lunches. A big well done to the Ekoskola students.