The main aim of Ekoskola is to empower students to adopt an active role in environmental decision-making and public speaking in the school and in the community.

After conducting an environmental review, this year’s Ekoskola committee decided to focus on rainwater and how this could be used to save water and energy. After a thorough research, students found that water is mostly used for laundry, toilet flushing and for cleaning the house. Thus, they came up with a plan to make a model for using rainwater. Whilst they built up a model for using rainwater from a well for toilet flushing, they also learnt some plumbing skills which could be used later on in life. After they finished the project, the students also devised a brochure which promotes using rainwater for domestic use.

Students had the opportunity to showcase their project and to explain the importance of preserving rainwater, through various meetings with parents, special whole school assemblies and during the school’s Open Day. This year our Ekoskola committee was were also invited to explain this project on television! Needless to say, opportunities offered by Ekoskola not only help students to voice their opinions and but also to grow holistically.