As from July 2019, 26 teaching staff from our school have started participating in KA1 Erasmus + projects, following a course on how to create a more positive communication amongst our school environment and how to reduce stress through mindfulness. The first two groups of teachers followed a course in Split. Croatia. Whilst three groups of six teachers followed a course designed by Europass in Florence, Italy. The last group of teachers travelled last February, 2020 for this professional development course organised by Europass Teacher Academy as part of KA 1 Erasmus+ Teachers’ Mobility Programme. Our teachers along with other Spanish, Italian and Polish teachers shared good practices through the designed course entitled “Design the Positive Communication” delivered by Susan Gagliano.

Teachers who participated in these practical courses were given a chance to experiment in the first person exercises and created a more positive approach to school and education in general. Tasks included on how to reduce negative self-task, practicing gratitude, mindfulness and how to praise the own self. Being a helping profession, we teachers are always available to others. Always prompt for our students however sometimes we have to stop to think about ourselves and do a valuable self evaluation and find time for ourselves.