In July 2019, 26 members of our teaching staff participated in KA1 Erasmus + projects, following a course on how to improve the already positive communication that characterises our school environment and how to reduce stress through mindfulness. The first two groups of teachers followed a course in Split, Croatia. Another three groups of six teachers followed a course designed by Europass in Florence, Italy. The last group of teachers travelled last February, 2020 for a professional development course organised by Europass Teacher Academy as part of KA 1 Erasmus+ Teachers’ Mobility Programme. Our teachers joined Spanish, Italian and Polish teachers to share good practices through the designed course entitled “Design the Positive: Positive Thinking, Positive Communication and Positive School Spaces” delivered by Susan Gagliano.

Teachers participated in the first person exercises designed to create a more positive approach to school and education in general. Tasks included: enhanced positive thinking, reducing negative self-talk, avoiding personalising and catastrophising, practising gratitude, mindfulness and humour and learning the importance of praising ourselves. Being a helping profession, we teachers are always available to others. However sometimes we have to stop and think about ourselves, carry out constructive self-evaluation and find time for ourselves.