Language Week 2016

composite_14609744086055The second week of April was characterised by thorough exposure to all the languages taught at the National Sport School.  All language departments including Maltese, English and foreign languages put up several activities in order to represent the main components of the language and the country’s culture.

The foyer of the school was the perfect backdrop for the display of each department.  The displays comprised charts, models of famous landmarks made by students, books, typical souvenirs of the country and other regalia.  The area was also adorned by flags from different countries.

Throughout the week teachers prepared PowerPoint presentations and videos which introduced the language being celebrated during the day, thus the students were instantly immersed into the culture from the beginning of the day.

Later on, during break time, students had the opportunity to taste various delicacies and drinks related to the language in question.  The German department offered the famous German sausage Bratwurst served in a bread roll, whereas the Spanish prepared non-alcoholic sangrίa and nachos.  The students enjoyed a dollop of genuine ice-cream during Italian Day and devoured freshly made crêpe during French Day.  The English department thought of exposing students to both British and American culture since this year our school has hosted an American teacher.  They gave out juicy barbecue chicken wings accompanied by a milkshake as well as the typical British cucumber sandwiches.  Last but not least, Language Week was concluded by the celebration of our own mother language, Maltese, where students were able to taste our locally produced soft drink, Kinnie and experience the delights of a Maltese platter.

This week of culture exposure was not only informative and enjoyable for the students and teachers, but also served to embellish the impressive new premises of our school.

Deborah Cassar

Emmilyn De Brincat