Sports Day

It has become a tradition that on the last day before Easter recess, the National Sport School hold its annual Sports Day. For the past years, the Sports Day has been taking place in the Luxol Stadium where 4 houses (Cruyff, Isinbayeva, Comaneci and Jordan) compete against each other to try and win the much sought Shield and have their name carved on it. Each year group plays a mini tournament on 5 different games: Handball, Volleyball, Rugby, Tennis football and relay races. The points from each house and year group are summed up and added to the points won during the Tug of war which usually happens at the end of the Sports day. When all points are added up the Headmaster announces the new House winner and the shield is awarded. Apart from the competitive side, all students, teachers, staff members and parents look very forward to this day where we can all come together, compete in the true spirit of sport and enjoy the day together away from the classroom. 

Sports Day 2019