The National Sport School

Introducing the National Sport School, Malta

Malta’s first school dedicated to sporting excellence was set up in September 2012. A recognized National Centre of Excellence, fully supported by the Maltese Government, the National Sport School is leading the way in providing opportunities for young people in Malta to develop their sporting talents as part of their school education.

It is now housed in Pembroke, adjacent to the Luxol St. Andrews Stadium.

The National Sport School is a co-educational school for students who have undoubted sporting talent

and a high potential for development in their chosen field of sport. Presently there are 222 pupils aged between 11 and 15 and specializing in one of sixteen sports.  Each year, at Year 7 there is an intake of 42 students and at Year 9 to maximize the total number of students to 48.

Students follow a balanced curriculum of academic studies together with their sports specialism. They receive coaching within the school day, which is carefully timetabled around their academic subjects. Great care is taken in providing pupils with every opportunity to maximize not only their sporting but also their academic potential. The ultimate aim of the National Sport School is to guide these students along a dual career path, leading them to a successful career in sports and academic achievement.

This is the only local school to connect sports and academic studies closely by offering a flexible academic environment that is customized to student sporting demands. It has a distinct identity within a co-educational setting providing appropriate facilities for both male and female students, its own uniform and sportswear, transport arrangements and educational resources.

Entry is by selection only. Care is always taken to ensure that the development of students is not compromised.  It is quality over quantity, thus there is a focus on a select few rather than pandering to the masses.