Erasmus+ Kelme Lithuania

Once again our school participated in an Erasmus + exchange.  This happened between the 25th -29th April in Kelme, Lithuania.  The school we visited this time for the student’s exchange was “Krazante” Progymanasium. 

During this week the students had the opportunity to communicate, work in groups and take part in sport competitions and activities with other students from different countries.  The participating countries were Lithuania the hosting country, Portugal and Poland.  Italy and Turkey who are also partners in this project were connected with us virtually since they could not make it this time.

The students really enjoyed this experience as could be seen from their cheerful faces.  They were completely immersed into the activities which were prepared for them.  They took part in Lithuanian national folk dances.  They played with other teams in a sports rally and also played bowling.

During this exchange we had to opportunity to go for long walks in the unspoilt nature which Kelme offers.  These hikes were in endless greenery surrounded by lakes, rivers and clear blue skies.  The weather was fairly chilly but the clean fresh air was gladly welcomed by us.

When it came to discussions our students participated with a mature approach since they were the eldest in the group.  We also managed to visit some nearby towns like Kaunas where we visited the famous Zalgiris basketball arena.  There they could walk through their changing rooms and training courts.

In the end it was an unforgettable experience which the students will surely cherish and keep at heart.