The Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

In collaboration with parents and sports associations, the mission of the National Sport School is to provide all students with exceptional education that motivates them to reach their full potential and which will enable them to develop their sporting talents, pursue their goals and dreams, succeed at post-secondary and tertiary education, and thrive in the workforce and as engaged and productive citizens.

Vision statement

To be the leader in developing and training gifted students to become professional athletes of international standing whilst safeguarding their secondary education, enabling them to pursue a second career alongside their development in their chosen sport.

Vision explained

By leader we mean that we are the key institution in Malta providing an educational setting for students who wish to pursue  a career in sport.

By developing and training we mean that we shall strive to provide all the necessary support for students of the institute to enable them not only to train in their chosen field of sport but also to develop personally in order to make a success out of their career.

By professional athletes of international standing, we mean that we shall strive to ensure that our students will become professional athletes with a successful career in sports at an international level and who will make a name for Malta in their chosen discipline.

By a second career, we mean that the professional development of our students in their chosen field of sport shall not be at the detriment of their academic studies. We will provide our students with a sound academic education, enabling them to further their studies at post-secondary and tertiary level alongside their career in sports.