Literary Evening 2021

The year 2021 was special indeed. Living amidst a pandemic, teaching behind a mask and working online offered great challenges for both educators and students. But, here at the National Sport School we aim to excel, face the challenges and succeed against all odds. This was our drive to work hard and yet again this year, put up the 5th edition of the Literary evening, dedicated to ‘GIANTS’. This was transmitted live on our You Tube channel on Friday 23rd April, at 6.30pm.

Did you miss it? You can still follow it by clicking on the link:

Students and educators tackled this theme from different points of view, ranging from giants in literature like Shakespeare and Oliver Friggieri, to giants of our time ranging from Olympic champions to healthcare workers who work relentlessly to fight the pandemic. The students’ creative writing and expressive readings during the event was exceptional and was a clear proof that at the National Sport School we aim to excel not only in the Sport fields but also in the academic subjects.

Throughout the preparation for this event, the students practiced their oracy skills, memorized scripts and researched information. They dedicated their free time to rehearsals and were constructive in criticizing recorded items and choosing which take was best to include in the final product.

This year’s literary evening was a memorable event, not only because the whole journey was a learning experience for both students and us educators, but also because the support we received was beyond any expectations. Well done to everybody involved.