Nov 2018 – Roma Ostia Waterpolo Training Camp

Our waterpolo camp consisted of a 4 day trip to ostia in Rome.  All our waterpolo student-athletes attended the trip which was a big success. 

Day 1. After arriving and settling down in our hotel, our student – athletes started with a physical session which was conducted by our physiotherapist, Mr Edward Bonello. The session consisted of core exercises and stretching.  After that we started our pool session which consisted of a warm up, a light swimming session and ball handling technique exercises.  After that we all went for dinner and back to the hotel to sleep.

Day 2 started off with a land physical session of 1h 15mins and was followed by pool session.  The session consisted of a warm up and a tough swimming set.  That was followed by some leg exercises and positioning exercises.  Ball handling and shooting followed.  We ended the session with a game.  After the morning session we went for lunch and up to our rooms to rest before our evening session which was a friendly game against an Italian team. After lunch we had a very interesting talk by Dr. Jordan Camilleri, a waterpolo player and a doctor by profession.  Dr. Camilleri spoke about the challenges one faces when practising our sport and also studying at University.  The boys were very interested and asked some pertinent questions.  Before our evening session, our athletes also had a 1 hour 30 minute study/homework session.  We all gathered in one of the conference rooms and had all students do school work under the guidance of Ms Graziella Galea and Mr. Niki Lanzon. During our evening friendly match, we performed very well giving chance to all players to play.  We played for an hour and a half.  After that we went for dinner after a long day of training.

Day 3 was very similar to day 2.  We started with our morning land physical session followed by our pool session.  After that we went for lunch and rested before meeting up for another talk by one of the Italian National team youth coaches.  Again the talk was of great interest. After that we met for our 1 hr and a half of academics.   We then went to the pool for our evening session which consisted of another friendly match.  This match was divided into two parts.  The first part were our form 3, 4, 5 played and the second part for our younger athletes of form 1 and 2.  The game was another success with our boys playing very well.  We ended the day with a well-deserved dinner for our boys.

We returned home on day 4.

The experience for our student athletes was fantastic.  They got to experience the life of a professional athlete for 3 days and at the same time found time for academic work.   It was also a good bonding trip between all student – athletes coaches and teachers.  Mr. Karl Izzo, our National team coach was with us on the trip and also conducted the pool sessions together with Mr. Niki Lanzon.  It was a great experience for our boys to be coached by our national team coach.