Celebration Day 2022

The National Sport School presented Staying Connected, an evening that celebrated this year’s major events, and the students’ academic achievement.  

By way of emphatic rhetoric and funny anecdotes, students related the nature of their experience in the school, as they pursue a dual-career path. The theme of the evening was Resilience, the student-athletes’ willpower to sustain intensity and focus under hardship, and to bounce back from arduous endeavours. The maxim ‘staying connected’ points to the athletes’ determination to keep going without ever considering quitting, while staying connected with their inner resolve, fortitude, and the rudiments of their discipline. 

This year, the National Sport School celebrates its 10th anniversary. To commemorate this special occasion, during the evening, we launched the School Anthem, composed and sung by Corinna Baldacchino, accompanied by a choir of Year 7 students. To crown the evening, Lijana Sultana, 2022 Australian Junior Open champion, was proclaimed this year’s winner of the Premju Speċjali għall-Kisbiet Sportivi. 

This year’s event was a hybrid of live performances and filmed routines, in a compromise between cautionary measures and the shedding of Covid restrictions, as the school paves its way back to normality.