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  • Physical Tests @ NSS
    The National Sports School reopened after summer recess with a strong commitment to give the best to their students both in sport and academically. NSS does not only give the necessary teaching to its students but also leads them to a better level in their respective sport. During the first week of school, as was done in previous years, all … Continue reading Physical Tests @ NSS
  • Re-opening of student-athlete scheme for Post-Secondary Students
    During the coming scholastic year 2022-2023, the NSS/Post-Secondary Sport Scheme is going to be continued. Those students who would like to continue their dual path in Sports and Academics and would like to benefit from the National Sport School support are encouraged to apply to one of the following institutions: – 1. Junior College 2. Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary 3 … Continue reading Re-opening of student-athlete scheme for Post-Secondary Students
  • Ending the KA2 Project
    Tolerance in Sport Erasmus+ KA2 project has been successfully concluded with flying colours. Throughout the past week staff members representing our school have participated in the mobility organized by Ozel Gündogdu Koleji in Konya, Turkey.Thanks to all project partners for a great project, inspite of all the pandemic restrictions, all together we made it possible 👏

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