Literary Evening 2019

The 3rd edition of the Literary Evening at the National Sport School was dedicated to ‘Hands’. This theme was tackled through an array of subjects including history, science, music, art and drama. Students from all year groups read their excellent essays and poems thus improving their oracy skills and showcasing their talents infront of a large audience. During the evening, talents beyond sport were evidenced by our students, including monologues, singing, dancing and acting. Included in our programme was a role play bringing to life the story of Edward Jenner and his discovery of vaccinations, students in various costumes showed us the hands of time and how civilizations changed across the ages, other students danced and sang around idioms related to the term ‘hands’.  Accompanying all the sketches on the stage was Alexia de Giorgio who painted with coffee throughout the evening.

The literary evening was also accompanied by a book exhibition and a book fair, together with a reference to the Word Banks 1, 2 and 3 which, teachers at NSS compiled to evidence the important vocabulary for each subject in a colourful and friendly booklet enriched with activities that are an excellent revision and quality time for students and their family.

The literary evening is an opportunity for our student-athletes to show that academic work is as important as sport in our school and that they work hard in both aspects to achieve a dual carreer. We are proud to say that every year, the literary evening attracts parents and students to celebrate talents beyond sports and appreciate the importance of academic subjects and other cross-curricular themes at the National Sport School.