May 2022 – Sardinia, Italy -Football Training Camp

May 8th

The team arrived on Sunday 8th May at Sardinia. Upon arriving at the hotel, the coaches talked to the players and discussed the programme throughout the following days. The nutritionist, together with the coaches and administration discussed healthy food choices before and after the game. The student-athletes then settled into their room and headed out to a restaurant in Cagliari to have dinner.

May 9th

The day started with a wonderful breakfast at the hotel followed by a pre-match lecture. During breakfast the players were guided by the nutritionist on which foods are ideal for pre match breakfast.

  The team then left for a guided history tour around the city of Cagliari. The tour ended with a historic show of Nuragica, which explains the history of Sardinia through an amazingly detailed life-like museum. The show was very informative and ended up with a Virtual Reality experience. After the show, the team went to have lunch as we headed towards the first games of the camp against the team Cagliari. The games were recorded live on the school’s Facebook page for the first time ever. The boys performed two amazing games against a tough opponent as the Year 9’s finished the game at 0-0 and Year 10’s finished with an 11-2 win. After the game, the team went to the hotel to rest and ended the day with a well-deserved dinner.

May 10th

Just like the day before, the team started with a delicious breakfast, after which the coaches presented the match analysis of the previous day to the players. After, the team went on a panoramic tour around the city of Cagliari as we visited the magnificent Poetto beach, the breathtaking view of Monte Urpinu, and a small walk towards the centre of the city. The team went to have lunch and then straight to the hotel again for some rest. The team then left for the games and again played two amazing games against Sigma Cagliari as Year 9’s finished 3-0 and the Year 10’s finished 5-0. After the game, the team went for dinner to finish off the day.

May 11th

The final day of the camp arrived quickly! After breakfast, the team went off again for match analysis and preparation for the games against Ferrini Cagliari. During this morning, the team was given the morning off to catch up with their homework. After lunch, the teams headed for the final games. Again the teams performed really well as Year 10’s won the game with a 2-0 score, whilst year 9’s were unfortunate in front of the post as they lost the game 3-1. After the game, the team went straight to the airport as this amazing experience came to an end.

Head of School – Mr. Robert Magro

Administrator – Ms. Dorianne Vella Gerada

Technical Director – Mr. Paul Zammit

Head Coach – Mr. Stefan Sultana

Coach Year 9– Mr. Noel Turner

Coach yr 10 – Mr. Steven Pisani

Physical Trainer– Mr. Darren Bezzina

Nutritionist – Ms. Shylene Taliana

Yr 9 Team – Alexei Micallef, Kayden Hayman, Liam James, Liam Buhagiar, Andrew Mifsud, Andrew Grima, Daniel Pawley, Jack Camilleri, Steve Attard, Luca Baldacchino, Jean Bugeja, Kerson Fenech, Zaiden Formosa, Axel Abela Dingli, Aiden Penza, Jamie Schembri, Jaiden Gatt

Yr 10 Team – James Sissons, Miguel Camilleri, Miguel Farrugia, Shelom Magri, Shaun Xiberras, Eliyas Grioli, Nathan Zerafa, Xavier Cassar, Emerson Piscopo, Lyon Abela, Claude Mercieca, Emeric Couloud, Denzil Muscat