Physical Tests @ NSS

The National Sports School reopened after summer recess with a strong commitment to give the best to their students both in sport and academically. NSS does not only give the necessary teaching to its students but also leads them to a better level in their respective sport. During the first week of school, as was done in previous years, all sports and PE teachers were engaged in the physical tests of all students in the school. These included the Anthropometric Test, Power, Body Composition, Endurance, Flexibility, Speed ​​as well as the ECG. The school has invested a lot of money in order to provide these tests for free to all the students. All results were recorded in order to keep account and work according to the individual and where it is most needed. Meanwhile, during the week all the students got to know more about topics such as recovery in sport and the importance of good nutrition, water and good sleep. The National Sports School also invested in a Body Composition Machine and measurements were taken of all students. These tests are deemed very important for the coaches and allows them to have a clear indication of the student/athlete individually.