Water Polo Training Camp Press Conference

The Head of School, Mr Robert Magro addressed a news conference, giving details about a Water Polo Training Camp which is being held next week in Ostia, Rome. This training camp is being held in collaboration with Sport Malta and the ASA. 18 students are being given the opportunity to train in the same facility used by the Italian National Water Polo team.

The news conference was also addressed by Clifton Grima, Parliamentary Secretary for Sport, Recreation and Voluntary Organisations. Dr Grima said that this training camp would be a uniquely memorable experience for our students.

 “I am certain that this will be a great experience for them,” he said. “And I trust that they will make the most of this opportunity. In accordance with the main aim of our national strategy, the National Sport School is planning similar training camps for the other sport disciplines,” he continued, “in order that the level of Maltese sport continues to improve.”

In his address, the Director General of Education, Dr Jude Zammit, emphasised the impact such training camps have in the development of athletes. Such collaborations help the players to improve their style of play, and for this reason the Ministry of Education encourages such opportunities. In his turn, Mark Cutajar, CEO of Sport Malta, had nothing but praise for such training camps.

The aim of the NSS is to organise similar training camps for the rest of the sport disciplines that are taught in the school. This is in line with the aim of the school which is to raise not only standards in academic subjects, but also in sports.

The Head of School brought the conference to a close by wishing the students and their coaches well, congratulating them on this wonderful opportunity and spoke of the importance of the qualities of consistency and determination which an athlete must cultivate throughout his or her career.

The student athletes leave on Monday 22nd November and will be accompanied by the school coach, Mr Niki Lanzon, and the coach and assistant coach of the Malta National Team, Mr Karl Izzo and Mr Anthony Farrugia.