National Football Coach Devis Mangia visit at NSS

The National Sport School recently had the pleasure of welcoming the coach of the Malta National Football Team, Mr Devis Mangia.

Mr Mangia was here to gain a better insight into the day to day operation of the school, with special reference to football. During his visit he spoke with student football players and observed them both in practice sessions as well as academic lessons.

Mr Mangia was accompanied by Mr Ivan Woods, Head of Grassroots Development at the Technical Centre of the Malta Football Association.

The Head of School, Mr Robert Magro, emphasized the importance of maintaining close collaboration with the MFA’s Technical Centre. It contributes immensely to the all-round development of each one of our student footballers, he said.

Mr Paul Zammit, Director of Football Coaching, and Mr Stefan Sultana, Head Coach at the NSS, accompanied Mr Mangia on his tour of the school and, during the subsequent meeting, shared their views about the benefits of collaboration and also explained the holistic formation that the National Sport School offers a footballer.

The NSS focuses on both the player’s technique as well as on his academic prowess. It was essential, they said, that the football associations maintained close ties with the NSS and worked hand in hand with the school coaches.