1. Why was the date of the practical assessments extended?

Whilst the practical assessment is an independent process conducted solely by the Sports Associations, the Selection Board is aware that given the present situation, prospective students are still to undergo the practical assessment. The Sports Associations will be responsible to provide a final mark of the practical assessment to the Selection Board which is to be  handed in via the usual channels as per information in the NSS website 

2. In which format is the practical assessment to be conducted, now that students /athletes have not trained for a long period? 

As explained in the above reply, the practical assessment is an independent process conducted by the respective Association. It is the Associations which have the expertise, knowledge and means to provide the Selection Board with a ranking order of their applicants in their respective sports.

3. What will the format of the 3 exam papers be? 

The English and Maltese exams will only have a composition and a comprehension exercise. The Maths paper will cover a selected number of topics which will be from the curriculum covered by students before the closure of schools.  In fact MEDE will be issuing further information in the coming days. The required minimum pass marks of 35%, 45% and 45% will remain unchanged.

4. What will happen to the application of those who applied through customer care?

The applications were handed over to the Board Secretary. The Board Secretary will get in touch which each and every parent/guardian who handed in the application at customer care. If by end of April you have not received any news in this regards, please contact the board on:  scc.nss.boardselection@ilearn.edu.mt 

5. If this process is prolonged to September than we do not have time to buy books and uniform in time for the start of the year?

Once the process is concluded the Selection Board will inform the school and the College with the final results. The College will inform the parents/guardians immediately via an email, informing them the final ranking of the student. Those students who have obtained a place at the NSS will need to reply back to inform the College that they will be accepting or otherwise a place at NSS. The school will undertake the necessary arrangements for the new students to buy the books, uniform and other related material.


Friday 29th May – Applications Close

Friday 31st July – All Associations to have applicants’ assessment ready and handed in via the usual channels as listed in the website 

End of August – Maths, English and Maltese Exams for both year 6 and year 8 students 

Beginning of September – Interviews 

End of September – Admission of selected students to NSS